My name is Vince Dutton. I’m an award winning User Experience Designer living in Austin, Texas.


I grew up in Austin, TX where keeping it weird is the norm. Thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo is just what comes natural to us Austinites. And not to become too cliche, (I cannot help but embrace the culture!) I think our commitment to living life to the fullest, on our own terms, is encapsulated in yet another apt message you’ll often see plastered across the city.

How does one “Live a Great Story”? According to the creator Zach Horvath, it’s all about having great experiences. While living your story, technology and services should never get in the way of enjoying any interaction. This is why I believe that every product in your life can and should enhance your story.

My desire to better the world’s story and create meaningful change within it, is what led me to honing my skills as a designer. Design has given me the skill-set necessary to identify people’s needs, solve widespread problems, and visualize game changing innovations.

I’ve applied these design skills professionally on projects of all sizes — From a Fortune 10 Enterprise doing agile B2B system mapping, site mock ups and strategic production improvements, to working with 10 budding startups doing lean app, web and email designs.

Some of the companies I’ve worked with: